Afternoon sun hits the multi-colored stain glass window in a small church tucked
away in the Andes of Ecuador.

As a self-published writer, I know that I’m fortunate living Ecuador, a beautiful country where opportunity abounds for shooting original photographs for my blogs, My Pinterest Board, book covers and more. 

The cover of my newest book, The Plan: A Novel, came from street art in Saraguro, Ecuador (near the bus station). Other covers, including The Emmett Till Book, also were created from photos I’ve taken in Mississippi. I am not a professional photographer, but with today’s digital equipment (even cell phones), one can work wonders!

I enjoy walking into churches, interiors of buildings, watching the parades, and particularly taking photos of street art. While I’m certainly not a professional photographer, I think I have the edge because of unique content in this fascinating South American country (physically smaller than the state of Nevada, in the United States). 

The photo above is a stained glass window in a church, tucked away in the Andes that I discovered one afternoon on a local bus trip. It is stored in my online Picasa photo album, where I can easily get to it for uploading …

Here’s a piece of street art that I ran into while walking around Cuenca … She’s beautiful!!!

So take a look around you. What might you photograph that will bring others to your blog or book? Your Pinterest page? I’ll bet if you start taking a second look, you will find some pretty cool stuff. 

Do remember, you must get parental approval for taking photos of children.