Who Killed Emmett Till? Historical Emmett Till Photos Now on PINTEREST Board

Thank you for dropping by … I have been posting many images relating to Emmett Till’s lynching, an important civil rights event that took place in 1955 in the Mississippi Delta. 

This year is the 60th anniversary of this spark that helped drive the modern civil rights movement. You are invited to follow this link to see these EMMETT TILL images:


And … If you want to learn more about Emmett Till’s story, and how it became a critical issue k/for Rosa Parks and others involved in the movement, I’ve uploaded a free audiobook, Who Killed Emmett Till — and you can find it on my ebooksfromsusan BLOG here:

This audiobook (that received a Dan Poynter Global eBook award) was recorded by a well-known actor, Jeffrey Hedquist, who also recorded the original Chicken Soup for the Soul, and it features some delightful Delta Blues guitar riffs. I am very proud of this work, and want to share it with anyone interested in learning more about Emmett Till.

If you are a teacher or a librarian, please make use of this resource. More and more students are wanting to learn this civil rights history, especially since the recent release of Selma, and this audiobook is a good place to start. AND IT IS FREE!

I have been a writer and journalist for many years. Here is a link to my author biography:

The research for this work took several years and was conducted when I lived on the grounds of Parchman Prison in the Delta. We were living there when my husband, Fred, was the director of psychological services for Mississippi’s state-run prisons.

Again, this resource is free. Why not learn more about the Emmett Till story this year, as the anniversary takes place? Here’s my gift to you, your students and friends!

Susan Klopfer
Cuenca, Ecuador

Author of The Emmett Till Book, Who Killed Emmett Till, Where Rebels Roost; Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited, The Plan, Cash In On Diversity (all available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Nook, Lulu and other online and brick and morter book stores).

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