What Retirees Do — in Cuenca, Ecuador

Living in such a beautiful environment, how could you NOT write about it??? Since we moved here last fall, one thing that keeps me busy is writing. I belong to a local group — Writers in Transition, and we meet every Thursday at 12:30 to share our chapters, short stories, poems. and other written work. We listen to each other and offer criticism (help). Then, on the first Thursday of each month, we give a public reading. People in Cuenca are invited to come have dinner and listen. It’s a great opportunity to get  important feedback on our work  Guess what — you’re invited!!

The WIT Group
(Writers in Transition)
An Evening of the Spoken Word
at California Kitchen Restaurante
Luis Cordero 5-65 y Honorato Vasquez
4 April 2013, Thursday, 7pm
Free Admission ~ Cash Bar
1) “South American Time and Customer Service”, by Susan Schenck, author of Beyond Broccoli and The Live Food Factor
Susan will be reading excerpts from her upcoming book Expats in Cuenca: The Magic and The Madness
2) “He’s Alive” from Chapter Six of “Methuselah’s Promise”, by Chris Petersen, author of Methuselah’s Secret
The next chapter of my new book about the Longevity Drug
3) “Red Creeper”, by Frances Augusta Hogg
A writer learns the importance of being vigilant. 
4) “Life and Death on the Mississippi” First Chapter from the novel The Plan, by Susan Klopfer
This first chapter of my historical fiction novel is set in the Mississippi Delta. Two black lawyers and a white detective (former FBI agent) are separately murdered between the years of 1966 and 1997. Chapter 1 opens with the final murder of Clinton Moore, a 56-year-old lawyer. Two shooters are involved: the first is a young man who Moore has known and defended twice for driving while intoxicated. The second shooter, whose bullet takes Moore’s life, is a professional hit man. Moore tells his story from the grave, and in this first chapter he presents various conflicts that tie all three murders into a mystery waiting to be solved.
5) “Picking Cotton”, by Manon Stephenson
It is Manon’s continuing saga of her youth and the humorous adventures of her alter ego. 

If you’re a writer, you might also want to join us on Thursdays at the California Kitchen. You’re invited! Drop by for this Thursday night’s reading to learn more.