Was Des Moines, Iowa attorney David W. Belin murdered for what he knew about mkultra? Frank Olson?

David Belin, an estate attorney who never prosecuted a criminal case, was prominent in the investigation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and later in the investigation of the ‘doping’ of unwitting subjects, via mkultra. Was Belin, himself, murdered in later years?

I am very interested in David W. Belin. He was a Des Moines, IA lawyer who served in an executive czar position on both the Warren and Rockefeller Commissions. Both groups were not known for their truthful “discovery” of what took place with the JFK assassination, and then (Rockefeller) of what the CIA and military intelligence communities were up to, regarding the “doping” of unwitting research victims (citizens–some women and children) for their chemical/biological weapons development.’

(Some of this testing investigated by the Rockefeller Commission likely took place outside of the United States, at Colonia Dignidad, hence my interest in what Belin must have known about the Colony, where C
IA documents have indicated evidence of the presence of Josef Mengele, the Nazi “Angel of Death.”  The first to expose the truth about this “research” was a human rights commission report by the United Nations released in October 1976, reporting the use of special psychoactive drugs on subjects. The UN commission found that the DINA-sponsored torture chambers at the colony were being used as a research center to continue Mengele’s work of refining the art of torture.)

But back to Belin, who was was known for his quick to anger temperament, and for having a mean streak. Such people are often more easy to flip! He was a chief apologist for both commissions, and may have been the only person knowing the eventual truth about Frank Olson, a CIA agent who was murdered, after working for years on mkultra and related biological/chemical weapons research. (Olson may have come to Jesus at the last moment, wanting to repent for his own involvement in mkultra and related project artichoke, and to keep him from talking, was pushed from the window of a New York hotel by a close associate.)

Belin was also known as the ‘inventor’ of the magic bullet theory, the notion that a single bullet killed John F. Kennedy and wounded Gov. John Connoly, as well. In one lecture, he explained it came to him one night in a dream. “He stated he dreamed the wounds to the president and the governor were the result of a single shot. He said he rushed to the commission the next day to tell Arlen Specter what he had conceived while slumbering. Specter immediately recognized the importance of Belin’s achievement and proceeded to build the commission’s findings around it. David Belin’s dream became the foundation for the Report’s scientific findings.:”

Read more about his theory, here —

Years later, Belin had the job of covering up the important findings regarding first, the JFK assassination, and then even later the Olson affair. But did he eventually change his mind about what the truth was, regarding JFK and Olson? Did he flip? I think he did. Here’s partly why:

I’ve been looking at related documents and papers, and this morning (I guess for the fun of it) wrote a brief review of Belin’s pseudo authoritative book on the Warren Commission.  It’s here: 

Also, I posted a very lengthy and interesting Amazon review of his book by a conspiracy researcher. From his review, you’ll learn more about Belin. Obviously, this researcher hadn’t heard about Belin’s mysterious fall from a ladder in a hotel room, when Belin was a very old man …

The second review is here: (in my blog