Use Mississippi Sovereignty Commission Files to Write Your Own Fiction or Nonfiction Books, Author Susan Klopfer Says

Adlena Hamlett: You will find her files in the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission data base. Family members once loaned me this photograph of her for my book, Who Killed Emmett Till? and I’ve always appreciated their assistance. sk

Have you ever wanted to write your own book? This link to files on the story of Horace Germany would make a great short novel. It’s a fascinating story about a man who wanted to make a difference in Mississippi, and almost lost his life. And — no one has done this yet (as far as I can tell).

An update on my book, The Plan

The Plan is about to go to the editor. Yea! I’ve been working eight hour days to get the final chapters completed. The wonderful thing about digital publishing is that readers don’t have to wait for a year or more to get a book in their hands.

Important News: The Writers in Transition (WIT) group is giving our  monthly reading and you are invited. It’s free at the California Kitchen in Cuenca. I’ll be presenting Chapter 2 of The Plan, so I really look forward to your presence. Here’s more information:

WIT Presentation – Click Here for Time and Day

Just recently, new information about a horrid prison camp in the southern Andes of Chile, Colonia Dignidad, made international news. Former victims and their families are suing the state of Chile over this horrid prison that was allowed to stay open until very recently.And what does this have to do with my new book? Plenty, believe me. So I’ve needed a little extra time to make updates.