Two New eBooks Announced By Emmett Till Author; First, an eBook About Retirement, Second, a Novel About Two Murdered Lawyers and a Murdered Detective Who Knew Too Much

Churches of the Mississippi Delta; secrets remain

Here are two news release I am sending out today; I wanted to share both with my blog readers. One is about a new eBook I will be releasing in January on retirement, and the other regards a new eBook I will be releasing in May that is a historical novel, based on Mississippi civil rights history. Why both here?

The Mississippi eBook should interest most readers who come to this site. This is what the Emmett Till blog is all about. But here is why I want you to know about my retirement book — retirement is fun and achievable for most of us. I run into too many people who say they will never be able to afford it. That’s just silly. Most of us can. We just have to make a few adjustments.
Now — here is the other reason I have included both books. I am looking for pre-publication readers
If you would like a copy of either eBook for free, to serve as a reader, please contact me HERE and I will send you a PDF file copy. I love to hear comments and appreciate the ideas and advice of people who read my books.  So I truly hope to hear from you, soon. ALL OF YOU.(If you have trouble reaching my email through this link, leave a note in the comment section.) 
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*Forget the Big Nest Egg, Focus on Having Fun and Staying Alert, While Making Some Extra Money, eBook Author Suggests
*Author of Who Killed Emmett Till, The Emmett Till Book, and Where Rebels Roost Announces Date for The Plan:A Novel of Two Murdered Lawyers,  a Murdered Detective Who Knew Too Much About JFK’s Assassination, and Life on the Mississippi.


A Mississippi private detective shoots himself in the groin, while perched on the corner of his bed cleaning his favorite hunting rifle. Suicide, concludes the state pathologist, a man nationally known for his amazingly quick (and frequently galling) reports. Detective Jay Sullivan’s death takes place one year after leaving his temporary job in New Orleans, where he was working for his old FBI boss, Guy Banister, and just six months following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Twenty-five years pass before Clint Moore, a quiet and effective, gay Mississippi Delta lawyer, gives a damn about what happened to Sulllivan — after Moore’s best friend, an Alabama lawyer, is murdered.

Susan Klopfer, author of Who Killed Emmett Till? The Emmett Till Book, and Where Rebels Roost, resides in Cuenca, Ecuador where she is currently writing a historical fiction novel, The Plan: A Novel of Two Murdered Lawyers, A Murdered Detective Who Knew Too Much About JFK’s Assassination, and Life on the Mississippi.
The Plan is based on the murders of two Southern lawyers who knew too much about a murdered, former FBI agent…who knew too much about the JFK assassination. It will take readers from the Mississippi Delta to Ecuador – and back, as a talented paralegal tries to intercede, before her boss is murdered .

Klopfer said she came up with the idea for her book after living in the Mississippi Delta, on the grounds of Parchman Penitentiary. “While my husband was chief psychologist for the state’s private prisons, I spent my time traveling around the Mississippi Delta and talking to people who survived the modern civil rights movement. It was an eye-opener for me, and I wrote three nonfiction books about Mississippi civil rights history, before working on this new eBook.”
The Plan: A Novel of Two Murdered Lawyers, A Murdered Detective Who Knew Too Much About JFK’s Assassination, and Life on the Mississippi.

ISBN-10:  0-9826049-7-1
ISBN-13:  978-0-9826049-7-7

The Plan is set for publication in May of 2013. 


Retirement plans that focus on building a BIG nest egg, thus forcing people “to worry about what they don’t have, and may never have,” can worry some older people to death, asserts an eBook author, who is a retired expat living in South America.
Susan Klopfer announces a January release for her eBook, Retirement – It’s Not just About the Money, with the added subtitle, How To Have Fun, Get Healthy, and Make Extra Money When You Retire

The best retirement plans focus on being happy, finding ways to earn extra money and staying alert, Klopfer states. She is actively retired, herself, and writes from Cuenca, Ecuador.
This focus has a much healthier payback for most people who are already retired or for older people, close to retirement, who are thinking about how they can (or cannot) afford to quit work, Klopfer believes.
“I read stories about people who say they will never be able to afford retirement, and I talk to people who are approaching retirement and who are driven by anger, worry and fear. This does nothing for their physical or mental health, and excessive fear and worry can make them sick — or push them into an early grave.”

The retired journalist takes her own advice, and walks three miles each day, a new habit she says she picked up after moving to the popular Ecuadorian city, this past summer. She joined a local writer’s club and rises at 5 a.m. each day to work on her newest project.
Both Susan and her husband, Fred, are learning to speak Spanish, and enjoy discovering new facts about South American culture via museum visits and travel.
“We really have it all, as expats who keep physically and mentally active. We attend symphonies, theatre and enjoy local museums and lectures in this beautiful city.
“We listen to jazz at a local jazz club, and we pick out our fresh fruits and vegetables in local markets, all freshly harvested from nearby fields.”

The Oregon native says their decision to leave their country of birth became their financial plan, “after losing our retirement shirts when the stock market bombed.” She emphasizes they will always love the United States and would never give up their citizenship.
Klopfer also figures they are making up an average of $2,000 per month of their retirement savings losses, by moving to a less expensive location for retirement. She adds this decision is not for everyone.
“We had lived in many regions of the U.S., and have always traveled. We like living in new and different places, but this is not a solution for everyone.”

About her upcoming eBook, Klopfer asserts, “This is not a book about traditional financial planning, but it is a book that holds true to its title.“There will be dozens of workable ideas and supporting links in each of the three categories: having fun, keeping alert, and making spare money.
“I hope that readers will find ideas that will help them achieve a healthy and happy retirement. I hope their worries will fade.”

Retirement — It’s Not Just About the Money; How To Have Fun, Get Healthy, and Make Extra Money When You Retire

ISBN-10: 0982604963
ISBN-13: 978-0-9826049-6-0
Release Date: January 2013

Susan Klopfer is a graduate of Hanover College and holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan College. The former journalist and Prentice Hall acquisitions editor is married to Fred Klopfer, a social and clinical psychologist. They are actively retired expats who live in Cuenca, Ecuador.