The Plan Starts in New York City, Moves to the Mississippi Delta, and Winds Up in the South American Andes of Ecuador

A sunset in the Andes of Ecuador

I am so close! The Plan is in final editing stages. From here, it goes to a formatter, and then to Amazon! The cover has been designed, and it’s fantastic. I am so excited to be about to share this book with  my friends. Here’s the basic summary:

A sunset in the Mississippi Delta

The Plan is A MURDER MYSTERY, HISTORICAL FICTION THRILLER that opens in New York City, but quickly moves to the Deep South. The bond between Clinton and Joe, two gay, black lawyers (one of them, married) is broken when Joe is found hanged. A suicide seems impossible to Clint, and Joe’s widow is acting cagey. Clinton Moore thinks Joe was murdered, and that his and Joe’s shared obsession, investigating and fact gathering about the cover-up of various murders of civil rights activists, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and of John F. Kennedy, is the reason for Joe’s death. Clinton feels he is next on the list, and that solving Joe’s murder is his only chance of survival. When he discovers that Joe’s wife has been spirited away to South America, he sends his trusted legal assistant, Mollie, to Ecuador to check it out. (See more at:

Got to get to work,, though. Thanks for stopping by!  Susan Klopfer