The Plan “Is About Emmett Till, Too,” Author Says

I just put The Plan up on Amazon (Kindle,, for now — print version comes out next week). It’s a book that starts in New York, but ends up in the Mississippi Delta and then moves into South America. For those interested in the story of Emmett Till, The Plan has much to do with this important piece of American history, since it is based on a murdered, gay black lawyer from the Delta who spent much of his life trying to solve this sad crime.

If you visit the Amazon Bookstore right now, you can download the Prologue and a couple of FREE chapters. Or you can take a peek inside. I really encourage you to go there, because I think that you will be intrigued by this story.

It is a very different book than what I’ve written before (The Emmett Till Book, Who Killed Emmett Till, Where Rebels Roost; Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited).

This new book is fiction — and I’ve always written nonfiction books. But I wanted to take this story to a different level, and when you read The Plan, I believe that you will see why I knew this would be important to do.

Please go take a look and then leave me feedback. I always appreciate your reviews, too.


P.S. I also put the Prologue and Chapter 1 up today at so you can take a look there, as well.