Tell Stories in Your News Release; Sell Your Book With Memories

PRWeb often gives advice on how to develop a strong news release.

One way of spreading the word about your new book is through free news releasees. I’ve always used PRLog with great success. Sometimes when I’m a little cash rich I buy a release (about $49), but usually I use the free version. Typically, I get about 1500 hits, so that’s pretty good.

Here’s a link to a recent release that I put up for The Plan on PRLog,org:

The Plan Release to

I also put up a release on a blog that is mine. I used a stronger storytelling approach and you can see it here:

Emmett Till  Blog News Release on The Plan

Here is another release that I put up on a blog I have that is specifically for civil rights-related releases. I also used a story to get the point across.

Civil Rights and Social Justice News release on The Plan

I tell this story in my own words on my blog, Take a look —

Today, I plan to put up more free releases. I am also writing a blog post for me Mississippi Sovereignty Commission blog. Busy day ahead!

By the way, I use to shorten my links. Looks a lot better on Twitter. Here’s where to go to learn more.

What are you doing to spread the word about your print or ebook? I’d like to hear some of your thoughts.