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Diversity and Inclusion on a Budget – Ebook


With today’s top diversity story focusing on a small community college getting headlines over a “no white people allowed” social event, I was happy to run into this book, Diversity and Inclusion on a Budget. Some people still aren’t getting it about diversity (the school’s diversity officer came up with the idea of the exclusive […]

Stunning Tiles in Cuenca, Ecuador; Walkin’ the Dog in this Colonial City


Oh, you know how I love the old tile in Cuenca! This morning Benji (my rescue dog) and I peeked into a colonial building on the side street across from the “blue church” and found a vintage hostel, complete with the most beautiful tile inside and out. I believe the hostel’s name is Orchidea. Here’s […]

Walkin’ my dog near a dress shop in Cuenca, Ecuador


I love walking into stores and looking at the old floor tiles in Cuenca’s colonial district. We just walked by this opening to a dress shop and I noted the floor. Spectacular! Benji always wants to wander inside, but hes not usually welcome. Cuenca is where the final chapters take place in The Plan. I […]

Come along with Susan and Benji for a daily walk in Cuenca, Ecuador


This old multi-story building on Simon Bolivar Avenidad is under repair. Benji and I walked by just this afternoon. We could smell fresh bread wafting from the panaderia, directly across the street. How we love our daily walks in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Half Schnauzer, Half Poodle (We Think) , I Know ‘Benji’ Has a Story


Say hello to Benji, our rescue dog. He came into our Cuenca, Ecuador home after his step mom, Nancee, learned she could not have anymore animals. She advertised his need for a home, and we were lucky enough to find him! Nancee softly cried as he left her home, and I know she misses him. […]

Most Americans Believe in Same Sex Marriage


Report from The Drucker Institute Marital Strife Posted on Mar 29, 2013 | 7 Comments With a speed that has astonished both its supporters and its opponents, same-sex marriage has gained the support of a majority of Americans. Opinions and policies range from state to state, however, and this week the United States Supreme Court took up the […]

Why doesn’t Mississippi Recognize Civil Rights Leader, Cleve McDowell?


What is left of a small downtown Drew, Mississippi church that was started by the Rev. Cleve McDowell, also a Delta lawyer. McDowell, who once worked for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the SCLC, was murdered in 1997 in his home. …This is one of many Mississippi photos that I took when living in […]

Goin’ Where the Southern Cross the Dog — Mississippi Delta Blues


Where Southern Cross the Yellow Dog…Blues Photo by Susan Klopfer I actually found this famous Mississippi Delta Blues spot one day while driving around the Mississippi Delta doing research for my book, WhereRebels Roost; Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited. The story goes that bandleader W. C. Handy was waiting for a train at the Tutwiler railway […]