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Cash In On Diversity Ebook Price: $3.99 USD. 32510 words. Non-Fiction by Susan Klopfer on May 31, 2011 Cash In On Diversity; How Getting Along With Others Pays Off is a practical guide written for business people, educators, health workers, lawyers, ministers, engineers, computer experts, students and all others who want to do a better […]

New Book “Sucks the Romance” Out of the Mississippi River


Not too long ago, this review of a Mississippi River book got my attention: Admit it: At some point in your life you got a little misty-eyed over the Mississippi River. Maybe it was your first trip to its shores, maybe it was a youthful infatuation with Mark Twain. Maybe you just really love floating, […]

The Tea Party Is All About Race; Huffington Post Writer Asserts

Bob CescaPolitical Writer, Blogger, and New Media Producer writes: Developed by Republican strategists like Harry Dent and Pat Buchanan during the rebuilding of the GOP in the post Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act era, the Southern Strategy’s goal was to win over southern whites by demonizing blacks using subterfuge, dog whistles and coded […]

New Book Announcement: Who Killed Emmett Till?


* * *Save 10% this Month at Lulu. Click “Buy” and enter code “IDES” at checkout. What Others Say About Susan Klopfer “This [Who Killed Emmett Till?] is a well-written and fascinating book about a vicious lynching of an African-American teenager from Chicago while visiting Mississippi. His mother insisted on an open coffin for the […]

Mississippi Woman Could Go To Prison For life For $11 Robbery


The nightmare began on Christmas Eve in 1993 when Rasco’s two daughters, Jamie and Gladys Scott, left a mini-mart near their home in Scott County, Mississippi. Their car broke down, and they hitched a ride from two young men, one of whom they knew. But later that evening, the men were robbed at gunpoint by […]

Who Killed Emmett Till? Author Answers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Whenever I speak about Emmett Till and other Mississippi murders, I get interesting questions from audience members. Here are several … Q. Is the Emmett Till story still important? Do people still care? A. Emmett Till’s murder took place over 54 years ago, back in 1955, and yet we are just beginning to learn the […]