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A quick note to readers of this blog: You are invited to drop by my newest blog, The Retirement Monologues at http://retirementmonologues.com/ where I am focusing on the latest retirement issues that face many of us, as we march on through life. Not financial planning (everyone else worries about that), but fun stuff like what are you […]

Remembring the Scarlet Letter; Fighting Discrimination


Young Women and The Scarlet Letter Just learned that AOL became the eighth advertiser to pull their ads from Rush Limbaugh’s show earlier this week in wake of the controversy over Limbaugh’s characterization of Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke as a “slut” and a “prostitute.”* * * * * Shantelle Hicks, kicked out of middle school and […]

Hire Diversity, Make More Money (Retailers Learn From Profs)

A new business marketing study gives retailers a strong reason to hire with diversity in mind. Yearly earnings are boosted by as much as $100,000 when they employ people who look like their customers, a new study suggests. But this still involves more than simply playing ethnic mix-and-match, says one professor. Temple University, Rutgers University […]

Too Few Black CPAs, Says Howard University Professor (Who Offers Solutions)

Listen to Frank Ross, CPA: Most of the accounting profession recognizes the importance of attracting more Blacks to the field and helping them pass the CPA exam. Few, unfortunately, have a good track record in getting results. In 2002 and 2010, Blacks hired by CPA firms accounted for only 3 percent and 4 percent, respectively. […]

Not just students bully…so do teachers, says Teaching Tolerance organization

When schools implement anti-bullying programs, the focus is usually centered on student-to-student bullying. However, students aren’t the only bullies in school. Teachers sometimes earn the label when they employ questionable disciplinary and management practices. Addressing Teacher Bullies is a presentation intended to help educators assess and reflect on their classroom management style and learn more […]

Diversity in the Workplace: must you understand others to understand yourself? To get along with Others? It helps, says the author of ‘Seven Steps for Defeating Bias in the Workplace’

What can we say about Americans, and how we are alike? Not much, except that … we hold a fondness for ice water!—–Cash In On Diversity – 99Cents eBook (all formats) CLICK HERE—–Leave it to fun-loving Mark Twain. This delightful spokesperson for the 19th century American popular culture, really did once say that ice water […]

Muslim-Christian Conflicts Not Limited to United States – But Are Felt World-Wide


Hijab — a covering traditionally worn by Muslim women The Muslim-Christian divide that captures almost daily attention in news coming out of the United States, is actually felt worldwide.Although progress has been made—particularly in multinational workforces— struggles remain around religious diversity, suggests Susan Welch, executive director of Diversity Best Practices. “With Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr […]

Cross-cultural leadership and understanding – not limited to the “big city”


Diversity in action. Images may be subject to copyright. “You guys live in such a nice little town,” Larry S. was telling me. My new teaching colleague was sharing his first impressions of Lawrenceburg, Indiana soon after being dumped by the faculty dean in the teacher’s lounge of the town’s small junior college campus. “Larry, […]

A Real Civil Rights Veteran Shares Her Review of The Help – The Joyce Ladner Report


No thanks Kathryn Stockett, I don’t want to be “The Help” (Joyce Ladner) “God forbid that a black maid who cooks their food would ever be allowed to use the same toilet the white people use. I guess this explains the fixation segregationists had with toilets…. for in so many public places there were four. […]