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An Election Story to Remember; Told by Civil Rights Activist, Author Hunter Bear


GUEST BLOG: Note by Hunter Bear   (March 17 2014) Prof John Salter (Hunter Bear) harassed at a Jackson, Miss. lunch counteer And with a big, all-around clear plastic  ballot box as well. When we lived in Chicago, [where a hundred tribes or so are represented], I was active as a Native person and volunteer in […]

Pre-Review Comments Published for The Plan; Alternative, Historical Fiction


I am gratified over the nice comments on The Plan, now available at Smashwords. CD cover for pdf version of The Plan “It is such a gift to be able to bring history to life in the form of engaging fiction. Susan Klopfer does this so very well in a gripping, ‘edge of your seat’ […]

Historical fiction thriller takes readers into the Andes of South America; starts in New York City


An alternative fiction novel based on the MURDERS of two Deep South, gay black lawyers. Release Set for September 2013   The Plan is an alternative history and paranormal fiction thriller by civil rights author, Susan Klopfer. Here is how Susan describes her newest book: The bond between Clinton and Joe, two gay, black lawyers (one of them, married) […]

Quick way to learn what happened to Emmett Till


Who Killed Emmett Till? https://payhip.com/b/x9dV by Susan Klopfer The Mississippi Delta is not a place I would have picked to live and if you had asked me a few years ago what I knew about the region, it would have been a puzzle since I knew nothing of its history or culture — I’d never even […]


THE PLAN: A NOVEL  SEPTEMBER RELEASE  Street art in the Andean village of Saraguro, outside of Cuenca, Ecuadorhttp://ebooksfromsusan.com THE PLAN set for mid September release, is a MURDER MYSTERY, HISTORICAL FICTION THRILLER that opens in New York City, but quickly moves to the Deep South, and then to Ecuador for ACTION and ADVENTURE. The bond between Clinton and Joe, two gay, black lawyers (one of […]

Delta Stories About Emmett Till Kept Appearing, Civil Rights Author Says


The shed on the Sheridan Plantation, where Emmett Till was brutalized and killed By Susan Klopfer, author Who Killed EmmettTill? JUST SEVERAL MONTHS after the violent murder of Rev. George Washington Lee, a popular Belzoni minister and voting rights advocate, a Boy Scout campfire was burning down to its last embers over in Tallahatchie County […]

Note to GOP: This is Not Your Hippy Mother’s Vagina!

REVIEW BY SUSAN KLOPFER Author, speaker, blogger www.themiddleoftheinternet.com Why do I keep thinking about grabbing my crotch? I guess it is a new fear-based reaction I’m having since the presidential primaries went south on sex, and I do not think I am alone. These Michael Jackson moments are brought to me because of the Grand […]

U.S. Secret Service agents sent packing from Colombia; Reminds me of Secret Service and JFK Assassination…so long ago

So why do I think of this book, when I read about what just happened in Colombia with the Secret Service and President Obama? Consider what happened when our president visited this country over the weekend: President Barack Obama called Sunday for a “thorough” and “rigorous” investigation into allegations involving prostitutes and Secret Service agents […]

Could the plight of women ‘back then’ be a sign of things to come? (A review of The Help and more civil rights discourse)

My Mother’s Witness The Peggy Morgan Story Carolyn Haines River City Publishing 2003 Have I read The Help or seen the movie, yet? My mother’s enthusiasm was all over the place when she asked me this question. At 94, she had just seen the movie; a group from the Episcopal Church went together for the […]

List of eBooks and Print Books on Emmett Till and Other Mississippi Stories

Just wanted to share this list of links for eBooks and Print books on Emmett Till, and Other Mississippi civil rights stories for Black History Week.Susan e-Books Who Killed Emmett Till? (eBook, Smashwords) http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/8175 Cash In On Diversity (eBook, Smashwords) http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/63393 — FOLLOW ME BY EMAIL— Where Rebels Roost (Amazon, Kindle) http://www.amazon.com/Rebels-Mississippi-Rights-Revisited-ebook/dp/B0015HSAJ0/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1324329150&sr=1-1 Susan Klopfer’s Print […]