Serving the Underserved – Bringing Diversity to Your Customer Base

How would you like your business to profit from “doing good”?

It takes “starting small,” according to Ron Ashkenas, writing for The Harvard Business Review.

In the past two decades, many corporations have made strides in shedding their reputations as polluters, exploiters, and gluttons, Ashkenas states. But there is still a long way to go until doing good is an accepted norm for successful businesses. How can you help your company get there? Ashkenas advises trying these first steps to diversify your customer base:

“Ask people to think about the bottom of the pyramid. There are billions of underserved, poor consumers in the world. Encourage your people to learn more about these populations and think about ways your company can serve them.

“Educate your team. Send out articles and websites, invite speakers, and get the discussion going about how your company can contribute to and profit from social change.

“Do a sustainability audit. This one doesn’t have to be company-wide. Focus on how your unit can reduce waste and increase sustainability. Can you cut back on your use of supplies or make travel more efficient?”

Read more on “To Profit from Doing Good, Start Small” by Ashkenas here –.

I am taking this advice to heart as I build a Mary Kay business. How can I involve a diversity of customers and potential sales team members? Askenas advice is a good place to start.