Retirement Ideas That Work — For Those Scared Sh*tless!

I am putting together a group of reference books for an eBook I plan to publish in mid December –

Retirement – It’s Not Just About the Money How to Have Fun, Get Healthy and Make Extra Money When You Retire

It is a going to be a fun and helpful book, I promise. 

Meanwhile, while doing my research, I have run into several wonderful retirement books that I want to share with all of you, and here is the first one:

Retirement ideas that work, by author Ken Bodnar

Now, surely you can picture what its author, Ken Bodnar, had in mind when he wrote this eBook. Bodnar is an obvious Type A Racer who was facing what he believed to be complete ruination, if he did not come up with a chunk of change for retirement.
This is a great book. Bodnar shares his personal experience, and it is a rags to riches story about coming to grips with retirement. Anyone of us can read this book and come up with multiple ideas that work.
Bodnar writes briefly about moving to a less expensive place to live, something that Fred and I have already done. It works. We will make up the entire loss of our retirement account that we lost when Wall Street went South.
I also e-publish, another one of his topics, and this gives us an ongoing income.
Ken Bodnar is a type A racer, and many of us will never match his pace. He is a speed freak—
Nevertheless, there is something here in 55 And Scared Sh*tless for every reader, whether retired or still waiting to take the plunge.
Thus I give his book 5 stars.
It is a great read and I’ll be listing it in my references, for sure.

You can find it here — and even download a free sample.