Retirees — Free download of one of my projects (writing books as a boomer)

A typical Mississippi Delta county courthouse; they all have their secrets!

I’ve been posting free downloads of my audio book,Who Killed Emmett Till? This particular file is about the murder of Emmett Till, and why it matters today. Afterall, this killing book place back in 1955. Would enjoy your comments after you’ve listened.
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I stay active as a retiree by writing books and ebooks. Have you found something interesting to do with your life? I invite you to be sure and subscribe to my blog, A Woman’s Retirement Monologues where I try to share as many ideas as I can find about living a happy, healthy retirement. Boredom is not an option!


Only about two more weeks, and The Plan: A Novel will be available. Can hardly wait to share this with you.

CLICK HERE for your free listen’and/or download


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I’d love your comments — there are more audio files there, too.