Pre-Review Comments Published for The Plan; Alternative, Historical Fiction

I am gratified over the nice comments on The Plan, now available at Smashwords.

CD cover for pdf version of The Plan

“It is such a gift to be able to bring history to life in the form of engaging fiction. Susan Klopfer does this so very well in a gripping, ‘edge of your seat’ fashion. Bravo!”—Denis Campbell, host and managing editor, World View Show; editor, UK Progressive”

“Klopfer has woven history, fiction, and fantasy into a compelling tale that not only highlights real events, but describes them in a fascinating narrative that pulls the reader along for the ride”— Chris Petersen, author of Methuselah’s Secret

“This is a bold and first-rate work that explores very significant social frontiers.  Susan Klopfer is a veteran activist of high courage—and a fine writer very well versed in the creative art of suspense.”—Hunter Gray, [Hunter Bear/John R. Salter Jr.] Mi’kmaq, author of Jackson Mississippi: An American Chronicle of Struggle and Schism.”

“Forty-two chapters of conspiracy-filled action, The Plan is tightly based on true fact. Susan Klopfer has written historical nonfiction books for years. This time, she goes a step farther to solve murders that investigators haven’t been willing to touch.”— Patricia Fua, librarian 

“I am not much of a history nut but I really enjoyed the book. A nicely crafted mix of history, plot, conspiracy, and fun. Well done.”— Robert Higgins, M.F.T.

“If you like murder mysteries, suspense, travel, legal topics, mixed with civil rights and fantasy, in an old fashioned whodunnit that doesn’t leave out the FBI, CIA, and COINTELPRO, I know you will like this action-packed read.” —Betty Orr, writer

“Filled with information to titillate the most sophisticated conspiracy theorist, Susan Klopfer ‘s first foray into thriller fiction is thought-provoking fodder and a fun read!”—Frances Hogg Lochow, author  and horror magazine editor

 “‘It takes a village to commit atrocities [like JFK’s assassination]!’ Loved this quote by Sara Mercury, a fired fictional journalist looking for the story of her life (a character in The Plan)”— Steve Hall, book lover

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