New Retirement Blog — please drop by and say hello

A quick note to readers of this blog — you are invited to drop by my newest blog, The Retirement Monologues at, where I am focusing on the latest retirement issues that face many of us as we march on through life. Not financial planning (everyone else worries about that), but fun stuff like what are you going to be doing as you retire. Travel? Go fishing? Write blogs that matter?

Maybe you are going to keep working, maybe you are going to start up a new business in your basement…well, you get the idea. My husband and I are starting into these years by working on our own. No more going to the office and working for someone else.

We’re finding that working for ourselves will hopefully extend the years we work — keeping our brains active and staying engaged.

I will be interviewing lots of people, commenting on related social and political issues, and trying to pass on some of the more unique and interesting aspects of retiring and staying engaged.

So please drop by and say hi. I would love to have your comments on posts and I am always looking for contributed articles to post on this topic. I have targeted this blog  to women’s issues, but hey, everyone is invited to drop by and share their thoughts.

Thanks, Susan Klopfer

The Retirement Monologues