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For Immediate Release: April 18, 2012
Contact: Leutrell (Mike) Osborne Sr.
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BLACK MAN IN THE CIA Finds Atrocities in LAPD Handling of RFK Assassination Case
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Robert F. Kennedy; assassinated presidential candidate, focus of new film

It was in 2006 that Leutrell Osborne Sr. first ran across a press release about the MLK assassination by Gary Revel on the internet. The more he read the more irritated he became that Gary was blaming everybody it seemed; Mafia, FBI, CIA, even the Memphis Police and Fire Department Director for having some involvement in the killing. He made a mental note that it was just another wacky ‘conspiracy theory’ and went on with his life.
Days later he happened to be talking with an old friend, Congressman Walter Fauntroy, and heard some of the same types of conclusions. The curtain he had drawn in his mind against the ideas was pulled back. He went back to the internet and googled, ‘Gary Revel’. There was more than enough to keep him busy for a few days. He studied the statements and conclusions. After a few days he realized that they were not the tyical ‘conspiray theory’ offerings. Rather they were facts drawn from real evidence Revel had found during his own MLK assassination investigation in 1977 as he had worked independently but in association with the House Select Committee on Assassinations.
He contacted Gary and offered to help him further the quest to find and expose all the facts of the case so that the world would finally know what Gary knew. The world would finally know the truth that James Earl Ray did not kill MLK.
Gary accepted his offer and days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. One lead led to another and Leutrell began to see the link between the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This had been another ‘wacky idea’ from Gary, at first. However, it became clear that it was true, there is a connection. Then RFK? No, Leutrell did not want to go there. Sirhan Sirhan was still alive and in prison for the crime, surely the State of California would not be so bold to continue holding an innocent man for such an infamous crime.
Gary offered evidence again and Leutrell was shocked.  The atrocities by the LAPD in the investigation of the assassination of Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy were blatant; destruction of evidence, bullying witnesses into changing their statements and not following up on vital leads were not the marks of any true investigation into any crime.
When Leutrell learned that Gary and Frank Burmaster had started writing a screenplay about the assassination he offered his help again. JFK Assassination Expert Al Navis is attached as ‘Consulting Historian’. Leutrell attached as a ‘Research Technical Consultant’ for the screenplay. Leutrell knows he can help due to his extensive knowledge of Counterintelligence, Black Operations, COINTEL PRO (the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program), Covert Action and other relative matters that now clearly relate to the crime. The atrocities of the assassination and the following corrupted investigation must be brought to the world even it takes a motion picture to finally spell it all out.
Leutrell M. Osborne Sr. is the author of ‘Black Man in the CIA’. He is a 26 year career Case Officer for the Central Intelligence Agency and is a ‘Research Technical Consultant’ for the screenplay being written by Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel, working title, ‘Red Polka Dot Dress’.
Gary Revel is a Special Investigator of the assassination of Martin Luther King JR. whose work on that case led him to find links to those responsible for the assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK.
Frank Burmaster has written 28 screenplays and has a zombie film in development. “Zombie Warriors”, is to be filmed by StewArt Productions/Biblical Films. He also has a TV pilot in development, “Last Hope”, with Stuart Sabin at It’s a Living Productions. He just finished co-writing an action/thriller, “Sons of the Fallen”, with producer Robert Hammond, and is currently co-writing two thrillers, “Thorn”, and “Thorn 2” with producer Pamala Hall. He is also due to begin work on another TV Pilot, “The Discovery Process”.
Al Navis is a writer, radio personality, book store owner and expert on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
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