New Black History Book: Who Killed Emmett Till?

New Book Announcement: Who Killed Emmett Till?
by Susan Klopfer

What others are saying about Susan Klopfer’s civil rights books

“Susan Klopfer, the leading authority on the historiy of the Mississippi civil rights movement … Thank God for enterprising historians like Susan Klopfer who have the courage to state the obvious.” Alan Bean, Ph.D., Friends of Justice

“An amazing … guide to Mississippi’s unsolved civil rights murders.” Tom Head, Mississippi activist and Guide to Civil Liberties

“… an absorbing and substantial work that speaks in many provocative ways …” Lois Brown, director of the Weissman Center for Leadership and Liberal Arts, Mount Holyoke College

“Susan Klopfer is determined to tell the truth about Mississippi and about America.” Ben Greenberg, poet, essayist and activist and author of the blog Hungry Blues

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