Never Too Late To Learn a Lesson or Two

I met a French couple who’d been camping in southern Chile.


“Si,” he smiled.

We talked as my new friends shared their Patagonian photos of diving whales and ice-blue glaciers.

My high school Spanish teacher would be proud. I was USING what he had taught. I can close my eyes and see him. Moderate height, slim with coal black hair and a warm face.

“Speak from the front of your mouth. Blow air across your lips. Make a sound like this,” he’d demonstrate. He’d fold a sheet of paper into a fan, then jot down verb endings on each pleat. “Here’s a quick way to memorize conjugations.”

Mr. Mariani’s encouragement and patience worked well with high school students, but I remember it even now, as I use the language he taught me to love.

It’s never too late to practice what we began learning long ago.
Are you struggling to learn something new? Your thoughts?