My Best Advice: Blab Up Your Book

I sure like to talk. And that’s good, because it helps me sell books. It can help you sell books, too.

I am at home today, patiently waiting today for the formatter to finish up with my new book, The Plan. After he’s done, I have a little bit more work to do to get it up and going on Smashwords (where I am putting it first).
Meanwhile, I am spending some time out looking for opportunities to talk about it—and this is the fun part of being a writer, telling stories.
Sometimes it gets a little embarrassing, but I talk to just about everyone about my books. When I go to the doctor and when I eat out at a restaurant, I look for someone who will listen. It can be the grocer or the person who does my hair. If I walk the dog, I look for another dog walker. Someone sitting down beside me at the Coffee Tree, a favorite hangout place. Every single article I’ve read about marketing suggests doing this.
Even showing off a new cover design to some random person or family member, who then tell other people, who then tell more people, can make a difference.
Remember these three letters: WOM, standing for word of mouth. This is STILL one of the most powerful marketing tools. So blab!
Talk up your book. Say that you’re an author to EVERYONE you meet. Drop your book’s name, and give out your card! Get the person’s email address so that you can email them the link for your book’s release, and the book after that.  You never know who this person will talk to. But there is a good chance he or she will spread your story.

Remember this: we are the storytellers that make people buy Kindles, download books, go into book shops and have something to keep them entertained with new worlds and characters. So don’t be afraid to talk about your book!

Go ahead Just do it! Blab!