LA Teachers Fired Over Emmett Till Lesson Fight Back

Teaching Till; Try This in an LA Charter School

From the “Cool Justice Report” comes an amazing story …

In March 2007, the administration of the Celerity Nascent Charter School in Los Angeles fired seventh grade teacher Marisol Alba and math teacher Sean Strauss for their participation in events planned for the school’s Black History Month program.

The school also forbade its students to read a poem, “A Wreath for Emmit Till,” written by Marilyn Nelson, or to lay a wreath of flowers as part of its memorial to the slain youth.

According to an article in the L.A. Times, school officials felt that the details of Till’s murder were “too graphic” for its younger students. The article quoted Celerity co-founder and Executive Director Vielka McFarlane as saying:

We don’t want to focus on how the history of the country has been checkered but on how do we dress for success, walk proud and celebrate all the accomplishments we’ve made.

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