John Kremer Loves Pinterest and So Should You! — Some Suggestions


Today I am sharing some new info from my favorite book-marketing author and guru, John Kremer, on using Pinterest —

Then, I am going to beef up my own Pinterest groups, after reading this advice.

From John: 

“How to Use Pinterest to Get Millions of Views – Want to learn
more about Pinterest? I’ve had well over 2 million views on Pinterest
and it’s my #1 traffic source for some websites. I’ve just gone over
16,000 followers. One of the keys in Pinterest is to connect your pins
with the 5 F’s: food, fitness, family, fun(ny), and fashion. Also great
graphic quotes and beautiful places in the world (sunsets, mountains,
oceans, castles, rivers, etc.).”

You can download Kremer’s free 70-page detailed Pinterest report here:

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