Important Announcement: Program on Dr. T.R.M. Howard, Civil Rights Warrior

Remembering The Black Maverick: Dr. T.R.M. Howard…
The Greatest Civil Rights Leader You Never Heard Of…;".

Event: W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: Remembering The Black Maverick: Dr. T.R.M. Howard

Learn More About The Man Who Gave Us The Emmett Till Story As Well As Trained & Inspired Medgar Evers, Rosa Parks, Fannie Lou Hamer, Rev. Jesse Jackson, & Mayor Harold Washington To Greatness And Who Indirectly Laid The Foundation For The Obama Presidency"

What: Informational Meeting
Start Time: Tonight, September 30 at 9:00pm

End Time: Tomorrow, September 30 at 11:00pm


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