How to get out the word with social media

A couple of days ago I listened in on a social media Webinar conducted by guru Garin Kilpatrick with 25 ways to 10X Your Social Media Success…
Which social media works for you?
For those who are serious about taking their social media to the next level this info can be a game changer.
If you missed it here are some tips Garin shared on the Webinar:
  • Take your current social media goals and multiply them by 10X
  • Divide your new 10X growth goals by 365 and determine the daily amount you need to grow to reach your goals
  • Post 10X as much on Twitter (Jeff Bullas has 170,000+ tweets and is crushing it with 6+ tweets per hour.
  • Use automation and scheduling to keep posts flowing even when you are away from the computer or sleeping.
  • Ignore & block anyone who sends negative energy your way.
  • Use the original form of social media (email)
  • Setup a WordPress blog as your social media hub & implement social sharing plugins
  • 10X the quality of your content
  • 10X the price of your products and services and focus on marketing to the 10,000,000+ millionaires worldwide
  • Outsource non social mundane tasks and focus on relationship building
  • Record your wins every day
  • …and more!
Enjoy your weekend!