History Colonia Dignidad: American Assassin Michael Townley Worked in Chile for DINE

Michael Townley (Google images)

An American assassin, the son of an automotive executive living in Santiago, Chile, designed the torture chamber for Colonia Dignidad. Michael Townley, now in witness protection somewhere in the U.S., was connected with  the CIA.

You can read more about him, here — and I will be posting more about him as I complete my research for Gringolandia, the second novel in the Civil Rights Mystery Sleuth series (The Plan is the first book in the series.)

Townley’s is an ugly story. He’s protected well, and only the CIA knows why. As I read about him and discover how he became involved in an early age with DINE (Chile’s secret police), I can’t  help but believe he knocked off more than one of the witnesses in the JFK assassination. What do you think? sk