Has a reader of your book mentioned they would like to write a review, and then not followed  through? Offer to help! Most readers don’t know where to start when writing a review. and you can help! Here is a structure offered by Jonathan Gunson of Bestseller Labs:

1. What did you think of the story?
2. Was it exciting?
3. Extremely romantic?
4. Did it hold your attention?
5. Did it provoke emotions?
6. Did you care about the main character?
7. Did you like the writing style?
8. Would you recommend it to a friend?
The reader might appreciate having this list. You could even include it at the end if your book, and on your website or blog, as well. Gunson suggests offering to interview readers and even typing up the results. Let them go over the review with you before they send it in to the site. sk
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