Happy Birthday to My Mother, Betty Orr. She Keeps Herself Going In So Many Creative Ways!!

Betty Orr, accomplished writer AND mother

I’m tired and my eyes hurt. I’ve been working all day on marketing The Plan. Mostly recently, I put it up as a kindle book on Amazon.

All of this (researching, writing, marketing) is hard work and sometimes I get worn out! But what is the alternative?

Oh, any one of us could sit around bored. Watching television, smoking, drinking, complaining. But where does this leave us at the end of the day?

My mother is celebrating her (about) ninety-fifth birthday today. She sure doesn’t stay bored!!!!! In fact, she had a lunch date with a ninety-eight year old man who drives a big Cadillac. “I don’t let him drive me very far,” she admitted. But the old guy still drives and he is able to get around and have some fun.

I want to be this way as I age. This is why I spend my time writing. Anyone can do it. Just start. I learned this from my mom. She got me started working as a journalist when I had no idea what to do with my life.She still writes books as a profession, and uses the Internet. She is amazing. It is these activities that keep her mind so youthful. She looks great, too.

What a great gift she has given me. What a tribute to her personal drive and accomplishments.

Happy Birthday, mom!!!!! You’re allowed a day off to have some fun. But you’d better get back to work tomorrow. I know that you have writing to do!

Love, your daughter,

P.S. We rarely had babysitters when growing up. But I remember one lady who watched us a few times when our parents went out. Her name was Peggy Blockinger and she was a professional author!