Half Schnauzer, Half Poodle (We Think) , I Know ‘Benji’ Has a Story

Say hello to Benji, our rescue dog.

He came into our Cuenca, Ecuador home after his step mom, Nancee, learned she could not have anymore animals. She advertised his need for a home, and we were lucky enough to find him! Nancee softly cried as he left her home, and I know she misses him. She’s invited to come and visit at any time!

Benji loves to take walks! Three times a day, since we live in a downtown apartment in this beautiful South American city of half a million people. We walk past colonial buildings filled with Spanish paintings, Italian tiles. We walk by small shops –panaderias filled wih baked goods, flower shops, dress stores, galleries and more.

Sidewalk artists are plenty in Cuenca. I snapped this photo of  a wonderful street painting at the top of the stairs leading down to the Tomebamba River, near Hermana Miguel.

Benji (and I) thought that you would enjoy seeing some of Cuenca’s interesting features and and I plan to share photos on a regular basis. I love Cuenca. So does he! It is a stylish city with many artists, writers, musicians, retirees and others making this their new home. 

I’m a writer. Just finished a new book, The Plan, that has some special sections that take place here! So I really enjoy walking the city. It gives me time to think.

Won’t you come along for our walks around this unique municipality? You are invited! Benji walks fast and sometimes it is hard to take photos. He also barks at other dogs and and tries to chase them. (I know he has a story.) 

But I’ll try to get some fun shots. I hope that you enjoy the daily walks as much as we do.