“…a friggin’ gringo nightmare”

Irving Critchfield said that! I sure didn’t. But Irving is the main character in GringoLandia, and was commenting on his new home in Vilcabamba, so he gets his say …

ANNOUNCEMENT — Irving just put up a facebook page. Check him out HERE.

Fred and I recently made a working trip to Vilcabamba, site of this second book in my CLINTON MOORE THRILLER series (Fall 2015).

Overlooking the Vilcabamba Valley

You are invited to come by each week. I’ll be writing about the progress of GRINGOLANDIA as it unfolds. 

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Sara Mercury, the Texan investigative reporter, is back from THE PLAN (Book #1 in this series), and a new character, Irving Critchfield, comes into the picture. I hate to call these people characters, because they’re becoming close friends!

Irving is on the run, after getting himself into a BIG mess on his first job as a linguistics professor in Canada. But he finds his new life in Vilcabamba far different than what he ever anticipated. Life isn’t easy. He posted this silly sign on his blog.

Poor Irving!


But nevertheless — 

Fred and I found Vilca, as many gringos living there call this charming pueblo, to be a beautiful spot nestled into the Andes of Ecuador. It is about five hours south of Cuenca, where we live, and it isn’t easy getting there! 

The high mountains over Vilcabamba

You can take a van for about $12 each way. It’s a little bit faster than a bus, but the curves are very sharp and you end up bumping into each other or stranger VERY HARD for the full trip. Fred and I chose to go to Loja by bus, and then on down to Vilcabamba by taxi — another 30 minutes. It was a long day getting there.

Fred, my husband and best friend, looks over a menu.

I’ll have much to share about Vilcabamba, Ecuador in the next months, including a video taken during a late night drumming circle. 

Meanwhile, I’ve got to get back to work writing GRINGOLANDIA!!

Susan Klopfer

I think you will understand, soon, why Irving has bad vibes about Vilca. He’s run into some rather strange people. He’s not particularly social, so …