Getting high (stats) with a little help from your friends

A Woman’s Retirement Monologues: Awakening to Retirement in the Andes

Hey — when you click the above link, you’re going to end up at another blog about a trip to the Andes! Be sure to use your back arrow to return! (Or wait until you’re done reading this post before clicking on the this Andes link.)

Here’s the point:

You can build links to your blog post, and then share them with others. Blogs and posts are great for selling your books and ebooks. But you have to make sure that others see them. Share your friend’s blog posts, not just yours. And don’t spam.

It’s fun to see which tweets and other sharing software drives people back to your blog. I like to follow up and look at the stats on response rates to particular posts. Most blogging software makes this easy to do.

Once they come, what do you want them to do?

Subscribe? Buy your book? Follow your tweets? Make sure it is clear on what you want, and how to do it.

I’ve been sharing a link to fellow writer Chris Petersen’s book, Methuselah’s Secret on Smashwords, for instance, at, and Chris reports increased activity in book sales when I tweet and post links. Pretty cool.

Please share an idea or comment on sharing links. Thanks, Susan