From the land of Emmett Till: Fannie Lou Hamer

For Black History Month, Remembering the Bravery of Fannie Lou Hamer

There are some essential stories one must know to understand or at least have a feel for the modern civil rights movement in the US. Besides knowing the story of Emmett Till, it is critical to know of Fannie Lou Hamer. Writes civil rights historian and advocate, Dr. Alan Bean:

Fannie Lou Hamer never recovered from the beating she suffered in the county jail in Winona, Mississippi.  A blood clot eliminated vision in one eye.  Severe damage to her kidneys shaved decades off her life.

Who was this brave woman, described here?

Dr. Bean recently, and bravely, covered the story of Curtis Flowers, who was finally convicted (after five trials) of a crime he clearly did not commit. In the process, Dr. Bean gives us a wonderful glimpse of this civil rights hero, Mrs. Hamer…