Four Friend Stood Up by Sitting Down: The Story of the Sit-Ins of the Civil Rights Movement

True story of four African American college students who went into a Woolworth’s store and sat down at the lunch counter. They were practicing Dr. Martin Luther King’s concept of nonviolence. Authors interviewed people who marched, participated in sit-ins and learn more about their experiences.

It was February 1, 1960. They didn’t need menus. Their order was simple. A doughnut and coffee, with cream on the side.

Courageously defying the WHITES ONLY edict of the era, four young black men took a stand against the injustice of segregation in America by sitting down at the lunch counter of a Woolworth’s department store. Countless others of all races soon joined the cause following Martin Luther King Jr.’s powerful words of peaceful protest. By sitting down together, they stood up for civil rights and created the perfect recipe for integration not only at the Woolworth’s counter, but on buses and and in communities throughout the South.

* * *

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