Emmett Till’s Mother; Good Model For Connecticut Mothers of Shooting Victims

Emmett Till, killed in 1955
I have to think of the poor mothers and fathers of the children killed in Connecticut’s school shootings two weeks ago. What a sad holiday it is for all of us, but especially for these families. I hope and pray that at least one of the mothers will show the courage to do what Emmett’s mother did — make the world see what happened to her child. Because of his mother’s courage, Rosa Parks in Alabama made the decision to take her stand. She had been waiting for the right moment, and because of Emmett’s mother, she knew the time was now. If you do not know the story of Emmett Till, here it is —
My prayers are with these families of the 26 murdeed, children and their teachers. May God be with these families at Christmastime and these religious holidays. And may courage be with them, to keep this story alive. Something must be done about the violence. Many competent people are offering solutions. Now is the time to listen, and take heed.
Susan Klopfer, 2012