Don’t ever discount the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission

I remember when I first started looking at Sovereignty Commission records. I read a quote, calling the investigators “keystone cops”, back when the records were first made public. Reporters had done a quick look through records of prominent people and most likely, because many records had already been pulled and kept away from public view, or stolen, it looked like there was not much available. Thus — reporters dismisssed the entire batch.

Not a smart thing to do. There is so much in the data base and it’s fun just to pull anonymous records and start sniffing around. This evening, I was looking to see if there were any records available for a lawyer by the name of Lanier Foote. No luck so far — but remember, not everything is indexed, so I will keep looking in the cracks.

But I did pull up this record — not sure who exactly it is referencing, but take a look at the “research” done by the investigator. This person was obviously experienced, and it is chilling to watch how he was operating…


No — not all of these investigators were keystone cops…