Cuenca, Ecuador Writers In Transition Gets Set ForThursday, July 4 Monthly Reading; Free and Open to the Public

Tom, attending a meeting of Cuenca’s Writers In Transition, or WIT,  listens to feedback on his presentation. The group presents public readings  at  p.m.Thursday, July 4, at the Calif. Kitchen Restaurant. Open to the Pubic and Free.

This Thursday, on the 4th of July, Cuenca writers are getting together to read from our current works. We’re all retired expats — this is what we do with a good share of our time — and it’s a lot of fun.

If it were not for this group, I know that I wouldn’t be able to write The Plan. It’s the most difficult book that I’ve ever written, because it is fiction. And I am used to writing news stories and nonfiction books.

But the challenge has been so good for me, and I encourage other retirees to think about writing — a poem, a short story, a diary, letters to your children of grandchildren. It is just a wonderful, creative way to spend your time.

I am impressed that we have just as many men in our group (well, almost) as women. It is hard for guys to retire  I’m going to make this generalization  (and I guess that I apologize), but from my observations, men often have a harder time finding good stuff to do when they retire. But these men who regularly attend WIT meet with the group almost every week, and they are accomplished writers.

If you are a writer, or a wannabe writer, and live in Cuenca, Ecuador, please attend our weekly meeting at 12:30 p.m. each Thursday at the California Kitchen. We usually have lunch, but you can come and have a cup of coffee or tea with us. We won’t “make” you read. Just come and listen and see how the group functions.

Meanwhile, I hope to see lots of people come to our monthly reading this Thursday. We decided to go ahead and do our regular thing, even though it is the 4th of July. The group  may be smaller, but we know it will be fun, especially if YOU’RE there. Susan

Here’s your invitation:

Writers in Transition (WIT)
An Evening of the Spoken Word
California Kitchen Restaurant
Luis Cordero 5-65 y Honorato Vasquez
4th July 2013 . Thursday . 7pm
Free Admission . Cash Bar


by Anne Carr
A story of love and expecting the unexpected.

“A Fish Tale”
by Suzanne Freddie
This is a short short story inspired by a Greek Myth: Bauccis and Philemon from Ovid.

“Bridge… Slightly Revised”
by Manon Stephenson
A small group lightens up a serious game.

“The Writer”, Chapter 32 of The Plan
by Susan Kopfler
Lawyer Clinton Moore arrives in Ecuador; he visits the Cuenca Jazz Club and meets a journalist who will help him find his dead lover’s wife!

“Noah’s Ark”
by Frances Augusta Hogg
Who would say no to the gift of a wombat?