Civil Rights Nonfiction Novel eBook Publication Set For Sept. 1, 2012

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New eBook Announcement
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New eBook Announcement: Gallup To Mississippi

“Attaining true justice often takes longer than expected. In this case, getting there requires a heart-stopping side trip through Washington D.C.’s political killing fields.”
Susan Klopfer, author

DRIVING ALONE FROM Gallup, New Mexico to Drew, Mississippi takes all but 20 hours, according to most Internet mapping systems. In Gallup To Mississippi, getting there allows time for a once-journalist grandmother, Sara Crain, to ponder accepted facts surrounding the highly publicized murders of two civil rights icons, and the lesser-reported murders of two lawyers who once worked under the movement’s radar.

Crain’s questions also focus on the unresolved murders of two bravely fierce grandmothers, Birdia Keglar and Adlena Hamlett, recognized by U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy for speaking out on civil and voting rights before it was fashionable (or allowable) in their small town of Charleston, Mississippi.

Gallup To Mississippi – a nonfiction / Novel / literature eBook is set for September 1 release by civil rights author Susan Klopfer, who describes her protagonist as “a curious, former small-town newspaper reporter and grandmother who initiates a haunting drive eastward on I-40, with stopovers on sections of old Route 66 and further deviations to Lubbock, Texas and Washington D.C.”

The distance between Gallup and Drew is 1,117 miles – so what would prompt this 63-year-old Reiki-Master/office manager to make such a trip? What dangers lie ahead, and why would the route include Lubbock, Texas and Washington, D.C.? Will new facts discovered change history? “Readers should be surprised as this story’s swerves along the route to justice,” Klopfer states.

Gallup To Mississippi is a powerful and timely read, featuring political and legal intrigue, and a John Grisham / Truman Capote type of story that will leave readers never thinking about the modern civil rights movement or the justice system in quite the same way again, Klopfer said.
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Susan Klopfer of Gallup, New Mexico is the author of eight books and eBooks, including Where Rebels Roost, Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited; The Emmett Till Book, and Who Killed Emmett Till(nominated for a Global eBooks Award). She worked as an acquisitions and development editor for Prentice Hall Computer Books and as an award-winning news reporter for the Branson Daily News.

Klopfer began her journalism career in Ely, Nevada and worked for the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. Her computer book, Abort! Retry! Fail! was named an alternate selection for The Book of the Month Club.

Author Susan Klopfer
Original title Gallup Mississippi
Country United State
Language English
Genre(s) Nonfiction / Literature / Novel
Publisher Susan Klopfer
ISBN-10: 0982604947
ISBN-13: 978-0-9826049-4-6
Publication Date September 1, 2012