CBS News Analyst Talks About Famous Court Cases; Includes Emmett Till

From The Daily Progress
By Sharon C. Fitzgerald
Daily Progress Correspondent

Celebrities and politics have shaped verdicts in the courtroom long before the days of O.J. Simpson and Timothy McVeigh, said CBS News legal analyst Jack Ford.

Ford, who covered the Simpson and McVeigh trials during his years at TruTV, was the guest speaker Friday at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center of Public Affairs public forum series.

Ford said courtroom trials are “prisms that allow you to look into the events of the time.” He said various aspects of celebrity — race, politics and war — seem to always find their way into the courtroom.

“[Trials] are like sepia snapshots,” Ford told a packed audience Friday. “They allow us to see who we were then and how we are different.”

Ford talked about three famous court cases…finishing his talk on the case of Emmett Till, the Mississippi murder trial that followed the killing of Till, a black 14-year-old, in 1955. The youth was beaten and shot to death after he reportedly flirted with a white woman.

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