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Where In The World is Hunter Gray (John Salter)?

A special post by Hunter Gray … 3:45 PM (6 hours ago) Posted widely. I have always believed in hitting issues openly. I posted the following piece, On Being A Militant And Radical Organizer — And An Effective One, almost four months ago.  It’s increasingly obvious that, at the events commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the great Jackson Movement, I will be […]

Massy Coal Miners Organize to Fight Back As Their Cohorts Keep Dying; civil rights violated

Mining is now much less labor intensive than in days past. But it is still dangerous. I know this personally, because I have lived in two mining communities, Elko and Ely Nevada. But miners don’t die so often in these two Nevada gold mines. Safety is a concern with Barrick, Newmont, Anglo Gold  and most prominently […]