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Come to Jesus Time: Curtis Flowers trial, day four; in Winona, Mississippi, Civil rights History Takes Place

Dr. Alan Bean, a forensic historian, covers the ongoing murder trial of Curtis Flowers of Winona, Mississipi. It’s history in the making. Here is Dr. Bean’s report from day four (posted on Dr. Bean’s Friends of Justice website: The record-setting sixth trial of Curtis Flowers will be tried by eleven white jurors and one African-American […]

New Prison Study: Race and Racism Placed at Center of Why U.S. Imprisons So Many of Its Citizens

AlterNet / By Liliana Segura Two criminologists have concluded, in a new study investigating public attitudes behind harsh sentencing, that the warehousing of African Americans and other minorities is no accident. Rather, “racial resentments are inextricably entwined in public punitiveness.” In other words, racism and the rise of “tough on crime” policies go hand in […]