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Violence Isn’t Limited to Arizona, and Mental Health Laws Must Change, Says Civil Rights Author

Susan KlopferAuthor, Who Killed Emmett Till? As a researcher and author of several civil rights books, I would like to comment on the violent Tucson killing of a nine-year-old girl and a federal judge, the wounding of a congresswoman and killing of others. I fear that our lack of available mental health services for many people […]

Lana Lawless: Transgender golfer files LPGA lawsuit

Jennifer WaiteTucson Celebrity Headlines Examiner Lana Lawless became an internet celebrity the minute the words transgender, LPGA and lawsuit came into play, but even more interesting than the Lana Lawless lawsuit is Lana Lawless herself. Born male, Lawless had gender reassignment surgery back in 2005 to become a woman. Now a talented female golfer, Lana […]