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From the Land of Emmett Till: Fifty Years Remembering Medgar Evers

Medgar Evers, Mississippi’s first NAACP state coordinator (Note from Susan: Hunter Bear – John Salter, aka Hunter Grey – is a sociologist and a civil rights activist. He helped lead the Jackson Movement, an import time in Mississippi, when people were letting the establishment know they were sick and tired of segregation and the horrible […]

Civil Rights and the Changing World

How history was made and how it’s being written Aaron Henry, Mississippi Civil Rights leader from Clarksdale who made a difference Recently I ran into an interesting article on the modern civil rights movement that brought important questions to light. The theme was based on a discussion of longtime social and civil rights activist, educator, […]

Where In The World is Hunter Gray (John Salter)?

A special post by Hunter Gray … 3:45 PM (6 hours ago) Posted widely. I have always believed in hitting issues openly. I posted the following piece, On Being A Militant And Radical Organizer — And An Effective One, almost four months ago.  It’s increasingly obvious that, at the events commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the great Jackson Movement, I will be […]

A Mississippi Modern Civil Rights Movement Leader Tells His Story

(Sociologist, civil rights leader, historian and author Hunter Gray, tells a good story of how he landed in Jackson, Mississippi just as the modern civil rights movement was heating up. It’s a good story! Hunter — aka Hunter Bear, Dr. John Salter — was hired in the early 1060s as a sociology professor by small, private and […]

From the Land of Emmett Till: Hunter Bear Recalls His Moment When ‘The Devil Himself, Came Riding Down the Draw’

Guest Blog  by Hunter Gray I wrote this short piece a number of years ago. But it’s very durable and the story it tells is forever engraved in the minds of myself and my good spouse, Eldri. There are some very good reasons why I am running it widely at this point.  Among them, we are now into the month […]

Radical Tales, From New Mexico to Mississippi, Hunter Gray, Dr. John Salter, Jr., Hunter Bear (all in the same) reminisces about ‘two special people’ involved in the modern civil rights movement

What a reunion! What a time! And the hot wind blew very hot and thirty to forty miles an hour. (Hunter Gray) RETIRED PROFESSOR HUNTER GRAY (aka John Salter, Hunter Bear) has been involved in social justice organizing for virtually all of his life. It is in his heritage! I first “met” this remarkable sociologist while doing […]

From the Land of Emmett Till: Review of Jackson, Mississippi (John R. Salter, Jr.)

Real History – You Know It When You Read It (Jackson, Mississippi. An American Chronicle of Struggle and Schism. John R. Salter, Jr. First copyright date, 1979. Introduction 2011 by John Hunter Gray. Nonfiction. History of the Jackson, Mississippi modern civil rights movement. Published by the University of Nebraska Press, First published by Exposition […]

Civil Rights & Social Justice News: Real Civil Rights History Beats Out “The Help” and Hollywood’s Take on Mississippi

Civil Rights & Social Justice News: Real Civil Rights History Beats Out “The Help” and Hollywood’s Take on Mississippi A true script of what really went on in Mississippi during the modern civil rights era would show, for instance, that professor and social justice advocate John Salter was heavily spied on by the Mississippi Sovereignty […]

Academic Smearing at its “Unlevel Best” — Loads of Sovereignty Commission Records

The man who once taught sociology at Tougaloo College under the name of John Salter, a fine academic and brilliant writer who was frequently smeared by the Sovereignty Commission, takes time to reflect. Hunter Gray to Bear, 6:17 AM (2 hours ago) I much like Fall in the West. Here in the higher altitudes of […]

Diversity Essay: Social Thoughts of American Civil Rights Organizer John R. (Salter) Hunter Gray

Editors’ Commentsby Neal McLeod & Rob NestorSaskatchewan Indian Federated College The Journal of Indigenous Thought continues in this issue to document the intellectual, philosophical, religious and narrative traditions of Indigenous people throughout the world. The current issue draws upon the insights of the work of several people, including Dr. Roy Wortman (Kenyon College), Christine Watson […]