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Public Pressure Works; Drone Attacks In Decline

Public protest, critical media coverage and Congressional hearings are contributing to what theNew York Times calls a “sharp decline” in US drone attacks during recent weeks. (New York Times, April 7, 2013) In Pakistan, the attacks have dropped from 117 in 2010, to 64 in 2011, 46 in 2012, and eleven so far this year. In […]

Seniors, Boomers — ‘We Want Jobs Now!’

Considering working after retirement? For whatever your reason to want to work instead of playing cards, fishingor gardening … this a good time to start planning or to start looking for the retirement job that’s right for you, or build your own retirement business. Whatever you choose, you could end up living at home or in an entirely different county. It really […]

Hollywood can still redeem itself (from The Help), by teaching diversity and tolerance through true historical movies on the civil rights movement

Oprah! And Steven Spielberg! If you are out there in social media land, please drop by and read this blog (and facebook) post. So here is my question: How are children supposed to learn not to be racist when adults all around them – on television, radio and particularly in person are making bigoted remarks? […]

I almost got to be friends with Tom Hayden

1960s civil rights and anti-war activist, Tom Hayden (photo may be subject to copyright) Without heroes, we are all just plain people who don’t know how far we could go. Bernard Malamud I almost got to be friends with Tom Hayden. Someone recommended us as facebook friends but when I clicked to accept, I learned […]