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Trayvon Martin; Just an Ounce of Understanding

“If this was the 1960s, I would seriously be telling you off,” Margaret said, drawing deeply from her cigarette, and staring coldly at me. We didn’t go anywhere after 5 p.m. back then, and I still follow the same rule today.”   DO THOSE OF US who are not African American truly understand the intensity of […]

‘A Child Shouldn’t Have To Be Scared’; Black Parents at the Crossroads

The Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Line, affectionately know as the “Yellow Dawg” or simply the “Dawg,” ran north to south. This photo is of the exact spot Where the Southern Crosses the Dawg, a favorite place referred to by Delta bluesmen. Photograph by Susan Klopfer. In observance of the 54th anniversary of the murder of […]

Tallahatchie County Long Known For Civil Rights Violence; Frequent Klan Encounters

Painting of Birdia Keglar, killed in 1965 when her car was run off the road. Keglar had a long history of civil rights and voting rights advocacy. Her friend, Adlena Hamlett, was also killed in the accident. Hamlett, a teacher, was a voting rights adovcate, too. MARGARET BLOCK REMEMBERS going door to door in rural […]

Mississippi Town Hall Meeting Announced; Sumner Mob Activity Focus; Will Justice Prevail? Sponsors Ask

Earlier demonstration in Mississipp where truth and justice is always a popular request. Photograph by Susan Klopfer “Round 2 Of “Mob Rule In Sumner, MS” Incident…” Please Join Us & Spread The Word:; Event: W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio~RD 2: Tallahatchie County Stand Up & Be Counted… “An Online Townhall Meeting With Tallahatchie County Citizens About […]

Emmett Till Grand Jury Members Speak

The Leflore County Courthouse in Greenwood From the Associated Press GREENWOOD — The half-century search for justice in the murder of Emmett Till petered out last February when a Leflore County grand jury declined to indict Carolyn Donham on criminal charges. “There is nobody left to indict,” said Greg Watkins, one of 19 members from […]

Group Travels To Mississippi For Civil Rights Ceremony

Emmett Till Memorial … GREENVILLE, S.C. — A group from the Upstate is traveling to Mississippi for a ceremony where a small town will offer an official apology for the lynching of a black teenager more than 50 years ago. Sumner, Miss., will also unveil a memorial to Emmit [sic] Till, a 14-year-old from Chicago […]

ACLU Afffirms Vote on Till Crime Act

From the ACLU website — ACLU Praises Senate Judiciary Committee Vote on Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act (6/14/2007) Washington – The American Civil Liberties Union praised the Senate Judiciary Committee today for passing S. 535, the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act out of committee. Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee passed the […]

Tallahatchie County Courthouse – Site of Emmett Till Trial – Slated for Historic Register

The courthouse where the Emmett Till murder trial took place is being recommended for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places, along with three other Mississippi sites. The recommendations by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History will be forwarded to the U.S. Department of the Interior for final review. Courthouses throughout Mississippi are […]