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New Amazon Review Posted on The Emmett Till Book – “… reads like a thriller.”


I am happy to announce a new Amazon Customer Review on  The Emmett Till Book  (The Amazon edition is in print, only, but The Emmett Till Book is also available for eBook Format at Lulu, Nook, and iBook.)  The Emmett Till Book, by Susan Klopfer (a quick read about an important Mississippi murder)***** ***** ***** 1 of 1 […]

New Emmett Till Video Posted on YouTube; Mississippi, Conspiracies, Assassinations, Colonia Dignidad All Featured

Susan Klopfer, author The Plan Publication Date: June 2013 The author of a new fiction book due out in June focused on the multiple murders of two black, gay lawyers and a straight, white FBI agent, today released a Mississippi-based video on YouTube. “The Plan is based on actual and fictional characters. It starts out […]

New Emmett Till Video on YouTube; Features Mississippi Delta Blues, Early Civil Rights Leaders, Cotton Fields, Churches and More

Just spent some time going through my Mississippi Delta photographs and wanted to share the resulting video with you. Here t’is:

Fascinating Easter Show on Robert Mugabe – Zimbabwe

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: “The Truth About Mugabe: Villain or Hero???”  W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: Resurrecting Black Radio one podcast at a time!!! Date: Sunday March 31, 2013 Showtime: 4pm Eastern/3pm Central/1pm Pacific  This is a 2 hour show/discussion Listen Live!!! Call-In & Participate!!! 646-652-4593 * Featured Guests…1.)  Filmmaker Extraordinaire Bro. Roy Agyemang Bro. Roy […]

Like Killing of Trayvon Martin, 1997 Murder of Cleve McDowell, a lawyer who tried to solve the Emmett Till murder (and others), leaves Forensic Questions Unanswered

Cleve McDowell, left, and his friend, Rev. Jesse Jackson, go out on the campaign trail in the Mississippi Delta — as the cotton dust flies. Jackson, who knew McDowell through the SCLC, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights organization, was helping his friend seek state office.(Note: The March anniversary of Dr. Cleve McDowell, a […]

Take pride in diversity, President Obama tells students in Metro area, across U.S.

What a beautiful message President Obama gave to school children today. In his second annual back-to-school speech, President Obama urged students to dream big, take responsibility and embrace diversity. Interesting there wasn’t a big fight over whether he had the right to talk to our children. That was so embarrassing last year.. “If you take […]