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How to Sell Fiction Online With Youtube


Youtube is powerful and popular; a good way to hook your ebook audiences. Not so long ago, I posted a  short Youtube video of a weaver using a foot-driven loom. He was working high in the Andes, creating colorful shawls as travelers stood around him and watched his feet and hands go to work! I […]

John Kremer Loves Pinterest and So Should You! — Some Suggestions

***** Today I am sharing some new info from my favorite book-marketing author and guru, John Kremer, on using Pinterest — Then, I am going to beef up my own Pinterest groups, after reading this advice.From John: “How to Use Pinterest to Get Millions of Views – Want to learnmore about Pinterest? I’ve had well over 2 […]

Getting high (stats) with a little help from your friends

A Woman’s Retirement Monologues: Awakening to Retirement in the Andes Hey — when you click the above link, you’re going to end up at another blog about a trip to the Andes! Be sure to use your back arrow to return! (Or wait until you’re done reading this post before clicking on the this Andes […]

Youtube, iMovie and Having Fun Building a Book Trailer

Creative book trailers can help get the word out. You don’t need to pay top money to produce them. I used iMovie ($5) on my iPad to build this. There are many ways to do the same thing on your PC, like using Picas (free), for instance. You’ll need to shoot some photos, maybe some […]

The Cajas, outside of Cuenca, taken on an afternoon walk last Sunday. Just got back from applying for (and receiving) my special bus fare ticket. Now I can ride for 12 cents! In Ecuador, once you’re 65, you get half price off public transportation.  What a great deal. We walked over to a cute restaurant […]

Tell About Your Journey to Sell Your Books

Susan Klopfer lives and blogs from Cuenca, Ecuador where she is currently writing a historical fiction novel based on civi rights stories of the Mississippi Delta — but the story will take readers into South America, too. This photo was taken in a Panama hat shop in Cuenca where she also blogs about her new […]

If You Love a Book Author and Want to Help Them …18 Ways to Help a Book Author You Love

From John Kremer, Author1001 Ways to Market Your Book (I am republishing John Kremer’s list here because civil rights books can be harder to market than some others. If you have a friend who has written a civil rights book, they will especially appreciate this advice and your help. Susan Klopfer, editor and publisher) Eileen […]