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Found a great vet in Cuenca, Ecuador: will treat emergencies!


Dr. Javier Gallardo, Cuenca, Ecuador veterinarian We had a vet emergency on a Sunday night. Tried calling every vet listed with 24 hour emergency designation and either they didn’t answer, or would not come in.Then we found a phone number for  Dr. Gallardo. He said to come to his clinic, where he met us and […]

How to Kill Off Your Retirement Fund — It’s Relatively Easy, Says Insurance Expert

7 Expenses That Can Kill Your Retirement Fund August 7, 2012 by Staff Writer, Life Insurance Quotes ( (Reprinted by Permission) Every morning you drag yourself out of bed for work and tell yourself that soon enough, you’ll retire and won’t have to worry about money or working ever again. You’ve got your retirement plan set up […]

Cultural Survival Rules Help Keep Retired Expats From Packing Their Bags and Going Home; Retirement Made Easy

Cultural differences important to consider for expats AS A NEWLY retired person, do you really expect EVERYTHING to go as planned? Consider the retiree who chooses to move to another country as an expat and then winds up going back home, giving up on the dream of living in a new culture because he or […]