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Emmett Till’s Mississippi Delta Hasn’t Changed Much, Reporter Finds

Heart of the Mississippi Delta, near the murder site of Emmett Till. Has it changed much? You decide. “The advice from the front office at East Side High in Cleveland, Mississippi, is clear. Lurk in the corridor with the kids and the school principal, Dr Randy Grierson, is bound to show up shortly.With boisterous laughter, […]

Emmett Till, Rodney King, Trayvon Martin — We hardly knew you!

This important article Excerpted from  An American Mourning: A Remembrance of Emmett Till, Rodney King And Trayvon Martin by MAX S. GORDON on AUGUST 28, 2012 in CIVIL RIGHTS,MAX GORDON,NEWS (For those who still wonder why the stories of Emmett Till, Rodney King and Trayvon Martin are so importnt and related, this is a critical read… Susan) “Emmett, your […]

Former Employees Settle Race Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit in Arkansas

PRESS RELEASE4-18-12 Little Rock Real Estate Company Settles EEOC Race Discrimination and Retaliation Suit Bankers Asset Management Will Pay $600,000 for Excluding Blacks for Jobs and Punishing Employees for Complaining About Bias LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Bankers Asset Management, Inc., a real estate company in Little Rock, will pay $600,000 to former employees and a […]

Mississippi Family of a Hate Crime Victim Promotes Forgiveness; time to talk about race, diversity, capital punishment and what social scientists are telling us

For Immediate ReleaseSusan Klopferhttp://susanklopfer.comSept. 15, 2011+ + + + + June in Mississippi was a time to kill…for a white racist teen who tracked down a black man and took his life. To the perpetrator, the crime made perfect sense. It was an act of hate that he seems destined to perform. This past week, […]

Hollywood can still redeem itself (from The Help), by teaching diversity and tolerance through true historical movies on the civil rights movement

Oprah! And Steven Spielberg! If you are out there in social media land, please drop by and read this blog (and facebook) post. So here is my question: How are children supposed to learn not to be racist when adults all around them – on television, radio and particularly in person are making bigoted remarks? […]

Status of Black US Males in “Crisis” New York Report States

(Buffalo News) The Council of Great City Schools today released a stark report detailing the status of young black males in the United States. “The nation’s young black males are in a state of crisis,” the authors write. “This report is likely to make people angry, and it should. We hope that this is a […]

October 19, 2010 — Diversity, Civil Rights Briefs

WASHINGTON – A federal jury in Scranton, Pa., has convicted Brandon Piekarsky and Derrick Donchak, both of Shenandoah, Pa., of a hate crime arising out of the fatal beating of Luis Ramirez. The jury found the defendants guilty of violating the criminal component of the federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it a crime to […]

Discrimination in Any Form is Wrong: Face the Truth Week Sponsored by Asian American Justice Group

From: Asian American Justice Center []Sent: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 8:03 AMTo: Schrader, Crystal [ICRC]Subject: ERPA Action Alert for week of action It is time to tell your member of congress that discrimination in any form is wrong. As part of the “Face the Truth” week of action, community members are raising their voices to […]

American Post Racial? Not Quite — how about racial forgetful?

Young Emmett Till, murdered Aug. 28, 1955 in the Mississippi Delta. “The reactions to Attorney General Eric Holder’s pronouncement in February 2009 that America is a “nation of cowards” when it comes to racial matters largely seemed to prove his point. Dismissing Holder as “needlessly provocative,” America retreated back into its corner and turned its […]

U.S. Demographics Changing; Businesses That Adapt To Diversity Will Move Out Ahead of Others

Wednesday, September 1, 2010Contact: Susan Klopfer, MBAGroup KlopferCell U.S. citizens are changing, whether they know it or not. “Besides getting older, our skin color is changing. Even our taste for food, how we dress and the religions we follow are undergoing major transformation. “From businesses to families — new languages, new relationships and new […]