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Internationally Acclaimed JFK Assassination Researcher, John Judge, Dies


From: TOM BLACKWELL []Sent: Sunday, April 20, 2014 10:14 PMSubject: Official release – Renowned Researcher John Judge Dies in Washington, DC ===== Official release – Renowned Researcher John Judge Dies in Washington, DC John Patrick Judge, assassination researcher Washington, DC — John Patrick Judge passed at the age of 66, just as he had lived – with courage in the midst […]

New Book Announcement: The Plan: An eNovel

The Plan: A Historical eNovel By Susan Klopfer  Set For June 2013 Release From a church in the Mississippi Delta… To Esmeraldas Ecuador The Plot: Jamie Sullivan, a private Vicksburg detective, fatally shoots himself in the groin while perched on the corner of his bed cleaning his favorite hunting rifle. Suicide, concludes the Mississippi state pathologist, […]

Novemember Reminds Me of JFK’s Assassination; A Day Too Hard To Forget

Susan Klopfer is the author of Who Killed Emmett Till? and other books on the history of the modern civil rights movement in the Mississippi Delta. Her new book, The Plan, is a historical fiction novel based on the murders of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and other less known civil rights heroes. Readers are taken […]